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Skilled flooring specialists since 1929

2 500 sqm

Örebro University

95 000 sqm

The New Karolinska Hospital

10 000 sqm

IKEA Kungens Kurva

24 000 sqm

Tele2 Arena

Your complete supplier

Linotol supplies flooring solutions for commercial, public and industrial settings as well as for larger housing development projects. The range of solutions we offer covers both the development and production of new floors and the repair of existing ones. Today, we are the only provider in the Scandinavian market that works with the whole spectrum of solutions, from floor construction to a wide range of surface coatings – all of the highest quality.

Complete resources

Having comprehensive, specialist competence in the production of flooring within our team is an important part of Linotol’s strategy. This means that we can be an asset at an early project stage, be it in constructing floors or in providing advice on which covering best suits your needs. As work continues, you can also benefit from the use of our machinery, which is able to take on big jobs in a short period of time.

Smart communications channels

At Linotol, we see many benefits to having short communications channels. That’s why, despite the size of the company, we have worked to form a flat organisational structure. As a client, you will be in close contact with a key member of staff with the overall responsibility for and control over what happens out on the production site.

Biggest on the market

Linotol is a financially strong company with many years’ experience in the sector. The business was founded in 1929, centred on the pouring of concrete floors and related tasks. From an early stage a focus on quality was at the heart of our work, and our professional tradition of excellence has been passed down through the generations in the company. We have maintained this company spirit through our growth, with great success.

News & Press releases

Concrete Constructor of the Year 2017!

Concrete Constructor of the Year 2017!

28 November 2017

Congratulations to this year’s Concrete Constructor of the Year, Dorotea Sigurdadottir. Linotol...

Car park Palissaden in Kungälv

Car park Palissaden in Kungälv

27 October 2017

Bergman & Höök builds a prefabricated multi-storey car park with 3 200 sqm piled baseplate....

New design floor at the entertainment venue Conventum

New design floor at the entertainment venue Conventum

23 October 2017

Linotol has shed a durable design floor for the client Örebroporten at Conventum Arena in central...

Grand finale of Linotoldagen in Malmö

Grand finale of Linotoldagen in Malmö

13 October 2017

The finale of Linotoldagen in Malmö was as the others a success. The audience expressed that they...

Condominiums in the heart of Malmö’s most exciting neighborhood

Condominiums in the heart of Malmö’s most exciting neighborhood

11 October 2017

Ikano is building a total of 166 apartments and phase 2 out of 5 has begun. The new neighborhood...

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Flooring maintenance

Pether Skoglund
Business area manager
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Entrance zones

Örjan Enlund
Business area manager
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Concrete floors and constructions South

Stefan Simonsson
Business Area Manager
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Design flooring

Peter Adsell
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Michael Bahn Frederiksen
Business area manager
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Concrete flooring and constructions North/East

Oskar Jansson
Business Area Manager
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Tiled and Terazzo flooring

Mikael Andersson
Business Area Manager
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Seamless flooring

Joachim Stålberg
Business Area Manager
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Indoor parking

Conny Gustafsson
Business Area Manager
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Concrete flooring and constructions West

Håkan Svensson
Business Area Manager
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