All floors need to be maintained continuously and refreshed over time. We have great competence and years of experience with which chemicals and methods are required.

Linotol Flooring maintenance offer final cleaning, polishing and impregnation for new production as well as maintenance and care of floors. To maintain a cleaner and more durable floor area, regular maintenance is required. It is not only the choice of materials that contribute to a good result of your floor but also the care of it. With the right choice of method and chemicals the quality and longevity is significantly improved. The environmental impact is reduced as a result of correct maintenance. Despite the fact that you manage your floor well, it tend to need a professional review and revision of the earlier recommendation to a customized maintenance plan that pays off fast and long term.

At Linotol we have great competence and years of experience in which chemicals and methods that are required for cleaning, surface polishing and impregnation of the floor to get the best surface and longest durability. With our own machinery, we have the capacity to complete up to approximately 4 000 square meters per day.



Flooring maintenance 
Pether Skoglund

Pether Skoglund

Business area manager

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