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A single supplier for every part

One contact, smooth and assured handovers, time saved… you gain the greatest benefits for efficiency by making use of the comprehensive services we offer. But even when we only represent one link in a chain of providers, you can rest assured we know exactly what we need from the previous step, and the conditions we need to produce for the subsequent step for the final result to be a success.

Linotol works both with the production of new flooring as well as the renovation and maintenance of existing flooring. Our design engineers ensure that all finished floors are developed to fit the particular demands of each workplace. This is also the case for renovations, where flooring may need to be re-designed.

We are also often asked to lay surface layers. With our extensive experience of different types of surface coatings and their features, we make an informed decision about which one or ones are most suitable for a particular environment, also taking design and functionality requirements into account.

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