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Customer and market surveys – Linotol’s compass!

Linotol works systematically to ask the customer what they think about, among other things, completed projects, the company's service offering, competencies and service level. With its customer and market input, Linotol is guided in its constant ambition to become an even better supplier of long-term sustainable and cost-effective flooring solutions. We would like to extend [...]


Assignment Förbifart Stockholm for Linotol Reinforced Concrete

For the client Sbt Sverige AB, Linotol Reinforced Concrete will cast sign foundations in the main tunnels that will be Förbifart Stockholm. - We are grateful for the trust. We have signed an agreement with Sbt Sverige AB and our hope is that the scope will mean a long and successful collaboration, says business area [...]


This year’s Concrete Constructor at Betonggalan

We say big congratulations to Helmer Palmgren at Sweco for the designation of the Concrete Constructor of the Year whose category Linotol sponsors. The award was presented at the 10 year anniversary Concrete Gala at Waterfront in Stockholm. - Concrete builders lay the foundation for durable and long-term constructions. Our own engineers work daily to [...]


Pontus Överhem – head of new business area at Linotol

Linotol has hired Pontus Överhem as the business area manager for the new business area Reinforced Concrete. Pontus began his professional career in the construction industry as a concrete worker and comes most recently from the Swedish Transport Administration as a project manager in the department Big Projects. Before that as a construction and project [...]

2019-11-06|News, Press|

Linotoldagen – a roadshow in six cities

Linotol, who celebrates its 90th anniversary, will be having Linotoldagen in six cities this autumn, namely in Umeå 16/10, Linköping 22/10, Stockholm 23/10, Västerås 24/10, Malmö 6/11 and Gothenburg 7/11. Linotoldagen is an event for you who is a builder, building contractor, consultant, designer and architect in our markets infrastructure, real estate, construction and industry. [...]


Entrepreneur engineer Kevin nominated at Ung & Tung

As one of three people in Sweden, Kevin Cicek is nominated in the 2019 prestigious category Ung & Tung. Kevin is 22 years old and started at Linotol as a contracting engineer in 2018. Prior to that, Kevin has worked extra as a professional worker and project manager during his time as a civil engineer [...]