We have extensive experience in both the renovation and development of new multi-storey and indoor car parks capable of withstanding the strains parking areas are often subject to. We suggest long-lasting, economical solutions for our clients.

Car parks are engineered to sustain heavy loads. Yet it is damp and salt from the road that can cause the most serious strains. With time, they can penetrate deep into the construction, weakening both the concrete and its reinforcements, with sealed surfaces suffering from degradation most quickly.

Several solutions and systems

Different parking garages require different solutions. In order to create the best flooring solution adapted to meet the needs of each unique project, we work with several different systems and methods. Renovation projects always begin with an assessment that forms the basis for the suggestions that we make. Such suggestions may, for example, include demolishing existing damaged concrete, repairing damaged surfaces, installing liners, pouring with, for example, vacuum-treated hardened concrete and the laying of suitable surface layers/coatings.

A clean and safe environment

For surface layers, we have a range of different combinations of colours and systems to choose from. Durability, dampness and slip-resistance are some factors to bear in mind. Our selection of colours and materials also enable you to influence air quality or how easy the surface is to clean; even to create an environment that feels safe and secure. Our experienced project managers provide good support throughout the whole process.

Indoor parking 
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