This year’s Concrete Constructor at Betonggalan

25 November 2019

We say big congratulations to Helmer Palmgren at Sweco for the designation of the Concrete Constructor of the Year whose category Linotol sponsors. The award was presented at the 10 year anniversary Concrete Gala at Waterfront in Stockholm.

– Concrete builders lay the foundation for durable and long-term constructions. Our own engineers work daily to make that happen. Exposing and paying tribute to this profession feels just right, says Pether Skoglund, Marketing Manager, Linotol.

– What we engineers think characterises a good concrete designer is that they should be explicit, environmentally aware, have good knowledge of the materials and methods prescribed, be easy to reach, be responsive and have the courage to make alternative proposals with sustainable arguments, says Michael Lappalainen, engineer / Construcktion manager, Linotol.


Helmer Palmgren årets Betongkonstruktör 2019

Helmer Palmgren på Sweco tog emot priset som Årets Betongkonstruktör på Betonggalan i Stockholm. Ett pris som sponsras av Linotol.

Publicerat av Tidskriften Betong Söndag 24 november 2019





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